Study case

In this platform DTP you can post your images for free , sell them in various shapes and sizes , and put the price being 80% of the profit margin for the author and 20% to the platform. Also, thanks to print on demand , the author never loses money because only the pictures that buyers have requested printed.
Arttística comes Bubok hand , a reference in the world of desktop publishing of books, and which is inspired . With this agreement, Bubok introduces his philosophy of photography in desktop publishing , print on demand and open to the public web , and secondly, Arttística community strengthens its platform with the leading desktop publishing.
To arttistica , desktop publishing picture books , videos or music ... is the future , and the bet is to be leaders in cultural self-publishing , offering opportunities for the authors and are not subject to signing with a publisher or a record company , but have a range of possibilities to manage themselves , and Arttística is a step in that direction